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Automobile Industry

Indian market before independence was seen as a market for imported vehicles while assembling of cars manufactured by General Motors and other brands was the order of the day. Indian automobile industry mainly focused on servicing, dealership, financing and maintenance of vehicles. Later only after a decade from independence manufacturing started. India’s Transportation requirements were met by Indian Railways playing an important role till the 1950’s. Since independence the Indian automobile industry faced several challenges and road blocks like manufacturing capability was restricted by the rule of license and could not be increased but still it lead to growth and success it has achieved today.

India today is well known as a potential emerging automobile market and jobs in the automobile industry are rising. Several foreign investments are pouring into Indian automobile industry. It has become a major three-wheeler market and two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. India is also the second largest manufacturer of tractors. Candidates with bachelor’s degree in mechanical, electrical or automobile engineering are eligible to get good job opportunities in automobile companies.

For the candidates with diploma courses and ITI courses there are many opportunities in this industry. Automobile companies even require IT specializations. While technical education is offered by plenty of engineering and polytechnic colleges in India,. the eligible candidates are selected by the companies. The considerable wide scope of Automobile sector, it is not that surprising that more and more candidates are dreaming to develop a career in Automobile Industry. With foreign automobile companies like Volkswagen, Audi, Renault etc coming in and targeting India as a base for manufacturing cars, the scope for a career in Automobile Industry is rising rapidly.

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