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Advertising Industry

Advertising is one of the key activities for potential business and is equally important as producing something using raw material, or as capital, manpower, planning, organizing etc. products or services. Publicizing that the business offers to the targeted customers is called advertising which forms the integral part of marketing, and an essential precondition for selling. Advertising is done with vast population and requires organizing and applying human skill and talent and technology backed media.

Advertising companies use multifaceted talents and ideas to carry out successful campaigns. With huge innovative development of electronic media, advertising has grown as an organized industry, offering a lot of employment opportunities. Indian Advertising Industry has been reshaped by regulatory and technological changes over the past times as before it did not have many opportunities. With the advent of radio, TV, Print and outdoor it has been able to gain much potential. The development involved the deregulation of FM radio, Direct to Home broadband, the implementation of conditional access system (CAS) and foreign direct investment has made the industry much faster than before. Indian Adversiting industry is increasingly attracting the attention of many foreign Companies and communication agencies, by opening business avenues for the small and medium marketing agencies in India.

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